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| years = 1994–2001
| tours = [[Self Destruct Touring Cycle|Self Destruct]]–[[Fragility]]
}}'''Daniel Patrick Lohner''' (born December 13, 1970) is a Texas-born musician who has worked with [[Nine Inch Nails]], [[A Perfect Circle]],[[The Damning Well]] and [[Black Light Burns]]. Currently, he is working on Maynard James Keenan's side-project, [[Puscifer]]. On September 10, 1009, As NIN was playing the final show of their farewell tour, in Los Angeles, Lohner sent out a message thanking the band for the "coattail ride", as well as the apparent "rim job".
He does remixes as '''Renholdër''' ("Re: D. Lohner" backwards). [[A Perfect Circle]] has a song called "Renholdër", which has a high-pitched voice saying "Hallelujah, Danny Lohner" 22 seconds in when the song is played backwards.