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'''Echoing the Sound''' (commonly abbreviated as '''ETS''') is an Internet forum for discussions about [[Nothing Records ]] artists, most prominently [[Nine Inch Nails]].
Echoing the Sound was created in 2002 as a collaborative effort between AdamSelene (Greg), drunkpoet (Cliff), and tragic_eros (Tyler), in reaction to the sudden shutdown of the forums at Evan Moore's SeemsLikeSalvation website. Orestes and Leviathant were brought in before launch to help out with the site, which saw public launch in November 2002. Originally running on IkonBoard software, the board saw a split in early 2003 that saw tragic_eros leave ETS to form another board that more closely matched his vision. Around this time, ETS began using PHPBB software, which Greg has since hacked to bits and reassembled into its current form. In early 2005, in response to overwhelming traffic related to tour pre-sales, the board was redesigned with a very minimal approach, to cut back on bandwidth and processing time.