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[[Image:Fixed.jpg |thumb|Halo 6 - ''Fixed''<br />[ Find on Amazon] - [ Find on eBay]]]
'''''Fixed''''' (also known as '''''[[Halo numbers|Halo 6]]''''') is an EP by [[Nine Inch Nails]] released in 1992. ''Fixed'' is the companion remix disc to ''[[Broken]]''.
==External links==
*[ Official Nine Inch Nails site]*[ ''Halo 6Fixed'' at]*[ ''Halo 6Fixed'' at]*[ ''Fixed'' at Amazon] *[ ''Fixed'' at eBay]
*[ ''Fixed'' (US CD5")] at discogs|
*[ ''Fixed'' (FR CD5")] at discogs|
*[ ''Fixed'' (UK 12")] at discogs|
*[ ''Halo 6Fixed'' Lyrics]
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