→‎Track listing: From constant pressure...
*"[[A Drowning]]" - 7:03 - available for download on [ Amazon MP3]
*''4 more tracks will feature, titles and tracklengths are as yet unconfirmed''
<!===Leaked tracklisting===On April 26th, 2010, a supposed tracklisting for the album was leaked on Tumblr, via Mark Weaver (who was the designer for the track art for ''A Drowning''. This is as yet unconfirmed, but so far two track names have been proven to be correct. It is as follows:#"The Space In Between" - 3:34#"Parasite" -5:04#"Fur-NOTE Lined" - WE ARE FULLY AWARE THE TRACKLISTING HAS BEEN LEAKED. IT IS NOT YET CONFIRMED SO PLEASE DO NOT PUT IT IN, THANKYOU4:00#"BBB" - 3:31#"The Believers" -5:35#"A Drowning" ->7:13This is not to be taken as the actual tracklisting, as it is possible the remaining names are placeholders or have subsequently been changed.
==Album Credits==