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The double gatefold vinyl release contains one 180-gram LP and a 24-page booklet. Unlike the CD release, the vinyl is not numbered. It was released in the US and Canada on august 5th, 2008, and in the UK and Europe on August 4th, 2008.
On July 16, 2008, [[Trent Reznor]] posted two images of the physical product on The post was entitled "The Beginning and the End"." The first image shows him holding two copies of the album, hiding his face behind them. The second image shows the backs of both CDs. The one in back reads 1/250,000 and the one in front reads 250,000/250,000.
The Limited Edition CD also comes with three 4" x 4"stickers and , each depict representing one of the 10 9 illustrations for the to album songs(printed in booklet or individually embedded in distributed media files), aside from Demon Seed which does not appear to have had its artwork released as a sticker. It also seems with the difference that none of the stickers have the red lines. The stickers appear in consistent order, which allowed community to dub them 1st, 2nd and 3rd sticker packs and create The Slip Owners Database [].
The cover of the insert is a new piece of artwork that depicts several light gray lines on a dark background (the same color as the one for 1,000,000). Five lines, two on the ends and three in the middle, all travel straight downward from the top edge to the bottom. Two more lines, in between the three middle and two outside, on each side, start straight downward, then slant inward, then travel straight downward parallel to the other lines before they would intersect the ones in the middle. These lines combined form the usual NIN logo (second "N" being backwards).
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*[ Un-official The Slip owners database]