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[[Image:HTDA_cover.jpg|thumb|330px|Download album art]][[Image:HTDAphysical.jpg|thumb|330px|Physical album art]]''How To Destroy Angels'' is the eponymous debut EP by [[How To Destroy Angels]]. It was released as a digital download on 1st June 2010, and will be released in physical formats on July 6th. The physical product can be pre-ordered [ from Amazon] and the download can be pre-ordered for free, or in "high definition" (24-bit 44.1kHz WAV, 16-bit FLAC and Apple Lossless) for $2, [ directly from the band's site].

A vinyl edition of the album is to be eventually released as well.

The album is released under [[The Null Corporation]]
==Track listing==
#"[[The Space In Between]]" - 3:34
#"[[Parasite]]" - 5:04
#"[[Fur-Lined]]" - 4:00
#"[[BBB]]" - 3:31
#"[[The Believers]]" -5:37
#"[[A Drowning]]" - 7:03 - available for download on [ Amazon MP3]

==Album Credits==
How To Destroy Angels:
*[[Mariqueen Maandig]]
*[[Trent Reznor]]
*[[Atticus Ross]]
*[[Rob Sheridan]]
Mixed by [[Alan Moulder]]
Written, Arranged, Produced, Performed <br>
and Art Directed by How To Destroy Angels
Engineering: Blumpy <br>
Mastering: Tom Baker at <br>
Precision Mastering, Hollywood CA
*Management: Rebel Waltz
*Publicity: Nasty Little Man
Artwork: [[Mark Weaver]]
==Album Art==
All art for this release was made by [[Mark Weaver]].
On May 21st 2010, the band released the [[multitracks]] for the two released songs at the time, [[A Drowning]] and [[The Space In Between]] on [[]].
==External Links==
*[ Pre-order on]
*[ How To Destroy Angels homepage]
*[ Press Release]
*[ How To Destroy Angels store]
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