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[[Nine Inch Nails]] played at the Seagate Convention Center in Toledo, Ohio, on August 25, 2008.

The Seagate Convention Center has a capacity of 5,161, much smaller than the other venues on the tour. As a result, the band was unable to utilize the drop screens and some of their lights. The day of the show, a statement was posted on [[ETS]]:
:Pre-show apology:
:This show will be compromised from a production standpoint. The venue is simply not big enough to accommodate the full production. We should have never been booked here and I apologize in advance. We will give it our best."

A view from the concert -
These problems were mentioned at the start of the show. During the performance, Trent Reznor spoke about the issues with the venue, which seemed to bother him greatly at the start of the show. He stated that the setlist was changed and talked about Year Zero, at one point joking that all of the songs performed in the 2nd half of the show were going to be from [[Year Zero]] or [[Ghosts]], after the crowd cheered loudly when he asked how many people had actually bought those albums.

*'''[[Alessandro Cortini]]:''' Keyboards, programming, guitar, backing vocals
*'''[[Robin Finck]]:''' Guitar, backing vocals
*'''[[Josh Freese]]:''' Drums
*'''[[Justin Meldal-Johnsen]]:''' Bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
*'''[[Trent Reznor]]:''' Vocals, guitar, keyboards

#"[[Letting You]]"
#"[[March of the Pigs (song)|March Of The Pigs]]"
#"[[Head Down]]"
#"[[The Frail]]"
#"[[Gave Up]]"
#"[[Me, I'm Not]]"
#"[[The Great Destroyer]]"
#"[[Wish (song)|Wish]]"
#"[[Terrible Lie]]"
#"[[Survivalism (song)|Survivalism]]"
#"[[8 Ghosts I]]"
#"[[Only (song)|Only]]"
#"[[The Hand That Feeds (song)|The Hand That Feeds]]"
#"[[Head Like A Hole (song)|Head Like A Hole]]"
#"[[Meet Your Master]]"
#"[[God Given]]"
#"[[Hurt (song)|Hurt]]"

'''NOTE''': "[[In This Twilight]]" was included on the setlist, but was not played most likely due to the band's inability to use the full light set up.

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*ETS Tour Journal

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