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[[Image:HTDA_cover.jpg|thumb|330px|Download album art]][[Image:HTDAphysical.jpg|thumb|330px|Physical album art]] ''How To Destroy Angels'' is the eponymous debut EP by [[How To Destroy Angels]]. It was released as a digital download on 1st June 2010, and the CD release dates were as follows:
*July 6th: US, Canada
*July 9th: Australia, Japan (US import), UK, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark
*Sept 22nd: Japan (domestic version)
The album is released under [[The Null Corporation]]. 
The EP comes in 3 versions:
The physical version carries the product name "[[Sigil numbers|Sigil 2]]", apparently a [[Halo numbers|Halo]] system for HTDA similar to [[NIN]]'s.
The vinyl edition of the album was made available to order on September 22nd 2010, and came with additional artwork on the record sleeve, reflecting that of two limited edition T Shirts that had been sold on through the HTDA store.
==Track listing==