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[[Image:Hillebrandt.jpg|thumbnail|Keith Hillebrandt]]'''Keith Hillebrandt''' is a sound-desigerdesigner, remixer and programmer from San Francisco who has worked within the music software business and with/for various artists such as Stevie Wonder, Consolidated and [[David Bowie]]. He has also manipulated sound in many musical outfits including [[Nine Inch Nails]], Blast Conservatory, Cleopatra System and Full Court Press (a band he was in), as well as working in Naut Humon's Sound Traffic Control. Keith Hillebrandt has also released a four solo albumalbums and an EP. On David Bowie's ''[[I'm Afraid Of Americans]]'', Hillebrandt is listed as a full member of NIN along with [[Dave Ogilvie]], [[Danny Lohner]] and [[Charlie Clouser]].
==Body Of Work==
===Keith Hillebrandt===
*''Guilt Box''
===Film Work===