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A new phone number was discovered inside a spectograph of a file called [[2432.mp3]] that was found on a USB thumb drive also containing the leak of [[Me, I'm Not]].
The phone number is apparently a wire-tap recording of a phone call, it also gives the case number [[U.S. Wiretap|71839j]] for use on the [[U.S. Wiretap]] website.
2 1/2 Rings:
*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':Hello?*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby'''? [b]Robby[/b]'''Roby'''? [b]Robby[/b] '''Roby''' are you there? Oh my god I'm at the club, you need to get me out of here. I'm going to die, oh my god *I'm going to die
*(Gunshot and Scream)
*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':What's going on?*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':He killed Joyce, I locked myself in the stock room and now I can't get out and everybody's got it.*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':What is going on?*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':This guy he came into the club really freaked out. And we, we didn't even see the knife. And his shirt was soaked red. *(Seems unintelligible, almost backwards). And then the guy just stabbed him, and he was sweating, bloody, and screaming, and he wouldn't stop until he killed him with a beer bottle*(Crash, Scream from [b]'''Mia[/b]''')**[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':Honey okay wait, I'm going to call the cops*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':(Screaming..unintelligible.)*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':Don't, the cops are already here. They're the ones who locked us in. I've gotta go, I need a weapon.*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':You're going to be okay, you're going to make it out of there. (Unintelligible) be there in five minutes*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':[b]'''Mia[/b]''', you okay?
*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''', you there? (Possibly:Scared out of my skin)*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':[b]'''Mia[/b]''', listen, you need to listen.*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''', I need you to take care of my dog. Okay, it'll be the first..
*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':[b]'''Mia[/b]''', [b]'''Mia[/b] ''' what's going on?!*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':Get me the hell out of here.*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':Tell me what's going on*[b]'''Mia[/b]''':Oh my god, please. Help me please god.*[b]Robby[/b]'''Roby''':[b]'''Mia[/b]'''!! [b]'''Mia[/b]'''AA!!!!
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