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*'''Mia''':He killed Joyce, I locked myself in the stock room and now I can't get out and everybody's got it.
*'''Roby''':What is going on?
*'''Mia''':This guy, he came into the club really freaked out. And we, we didn't even see the knife. And his shirt was soaked red. *(Seems unintelligible, almost backwards). And then the guy just stabbed him, and he was sweating, bloody, and screaming, and he wouldn't stop until somebody killed him with a beer bottle.
*(Crash, Scream from '''Mia''')*
*'''Roby''':Honey okay wait, I'm going to call the cops
*'''Mia''':(Screaming) They're outside, they're outside!
*'''Mia''':Don't, the cops are already here. They're the ones who locked us in. I've gotta gofight, I need a weapon...a gun.
*'''Roby''':You're going to be okay, you're going to make it out of there. (Unintelligible) be there in five minutes
*'''Roby''':'''Mia''', you okay?
*'''Mia''':'''Roby''', you there? (Possibly:Scared There's blood coming out of my skin)
*'''Roby''':'''Mia''', listen, you need to listen.
*'''Mia''':'''Roby''', I need you to take care of my dog. Okay, it'll be the first..