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[[Image:Ctg cover.jpg|thumb|Halo 9 - ''Closer To God''<br />[ Find on Amazon] - [ Find on eBay]]]
'''''Closer To God''''' (also known as '''''[[Halo numbers|Halo 9]]'''''), released on May 30, 1994, is a remix compilation released to promote the song "[[Closer]]" from the album ''[[The Downward Spiral (halo)|The Downward Spiral]].'' Though he is uncredited on the packaging, Joseph Cultice is the photographer for the cover.
The "[[Closer#Closer (Thrust)|Thrust]]" remix of "Closer" was intended for this release, but was left off. [[Trent Reznor]] would later release it for free on [[]].
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;B2&nbsp; "Memorabilia" - 7:21
==Artwork==The cover art is frequently misattributed to [[CategoryRussell Mills]], as he created the art for all other releases from ''The Downward Spiral'' period. It was actually done by photographer Joseph Cultice, though he is uncredited on the packaging.[http:NIN Discography]//]
==Album Credits (track numbers as in US edition)==
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