<blockquote>"This piece came out of my reading about the lives of the early Christians in Roman times. One of the many ways that the Romans subjugated the Christians, apart from forcing them to live in the ghetto that was the Catacombs, was to forbid them to wear any emblems or jewellery of religious iconography or idolatry. However the Christians developed an ingenious method of subverting this ruling by collecting rose petals, hardening them in candle smoke and threading 165 to make, what looked to the Romans like cheap jewellery, which held no significance, no meaning and no threat. These were in fact the first Rosary beads. The Latin - Sub Rosa, which literally means ''under the rose'', has also come to mean ''in secret''. I admired this act of quiet, non-violent subversion and felt it to be a relevant metaphor for the 5 track single ''March of the Pigs''. The work is made of plaster, acrylics, oils, gold leaf, metal and smoked rose petals on a wooden panel."</blockquote>
The inner cover of the US version and the disc art for this single of the UK version features a rolled-up millipede, an image that was also used as the disc art for ''The Downward Spiral'', and the . The master image from which these images were made was used for the cover of ''[[Closer To God (halo)|Closer To God]]''.