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The album (as well as ''Ghosts I-IV'', which was released the same year) was supported by a tour that visited North and South America. This tour was notable for having the most ambitious production of any NIN tour before or since, using groundbreaking lighting and video technology. The middle portion of the set, referred to as the "Ghosts" portion, utilized some of that album's unorthodox (for NIN) instrumentation such as marimba, banjo and small percussion.
== Relation to ''Year Zero '' ==Like ''Ghosts I–IV'', the release of ''The Slip'' came as a surprise to most fans, who were expecting the next release to be a continuation of ''[[Year Zero]]''. Reznor has indicated in interviews since the release that a ''[[Year Zero]]'' sequel was still in the works.
Aside from [[Art Is Resistance]] logo in the artwork for "Letting You", there are no clear, direct references to characters or events in ''Year Zero''. Some tracks share similar themes, such as abuse of power ("Letting You"), an avatar of destruction ("Demon Seed"), submission to authority ("Head Down"), imprisonment ("Echoplex") and the appearance of entities in the sky ("Lights In The Sky"). Other songs, however, like "1,000,000" and "Discipline", seem completely unrelated and feature more "traditional" NIN themes of personal turmoil. It remains unclear which portions, if any, of ''The Slip'' should be considered canon in the ''Year Zero'' storyline.