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| album=''[[Hesitation Marks]]''
| length=5:16
| BPM = 75
| versions=Find My Way<br>Find My Way (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)
| live=[[Nine Inch Nails Live 2013]]
===Find My Way===
This is the original album version.Downtempo, atmospheric and contemplative, the song prominently features a beat loop that is constantly augmented with echoes throughout, reminiscent of trip hop beat programming. The verse vocal melody closely resembles and recalls that of "[[Somewhat Damaged]]," while the chorus vocals remain wordless, backed by a simple high-register piano melody. The section following the second chorus seems to feature female vocals backing Reznor's wordless melodies. The coda of the track, featuring 'swarm' guitar atop the bassline and piano from the chorus, includes lyrics alluding to those from the coda of "[[I Do Not Want This]]."
===Find My Way (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)===
Coming soonThis version is included on the deluxe version of ''Hesitation Marks''. It strips away the original instrumentation and prominently features church organ and other keyboard textures with the original vocals.
This song debuted live on the [[2013/07/26 Naeba, Japan|first night]] of the [[Nine Inch Nails Live 2013]] tour.