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| BPM = 75
| versions=Find My Way<br>Find My Way (Oneohtrix Point Never Remix)<br>Find My Way (''[[Nine Inch Nails: Live 2013 EP]]'')
| live=[[Nine Inch Nails Live 2013]]
}} '''"Find My Way"''' is the fourth track on the 2013 release ''[[Hesitation Marks]]''. It was the third song from the album to be made public, performed live on the first night of the [[Nine Inch Nails Live 2013]] tour.
===Song Credits===
*[[Adrian Belew]]: Additional Guitar
*Additional Engineering by Paul Corley
*Recorded in a kitchen in Brooklyn, NY
===Find My Way (''Nine Inch Nails: Live 2013 EP'')===
Recorded live at [[2013/08/02 Chicago, IL|Lollapalooza Festival 2013]].