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==ProductionStage Set-Up==
[[Image:Seattle2008.jpg|thumb|250px|Show in Seattle on July 26, 2008.]]
[[Image:Montreal2008.jpg|thumb|250px|Show in Montreal on November 12, 2008.]]
The production for the Lights In The Sky tour was one of the most ambitious of any for NIN tour to date, as well as the industry in general at the time. Trent Reznor and lighting designer Roy Bennett worked with a company called Moment Factory to create unique and groundbreaking visuals that were at times interactive with Trent and other members of the band. This was achieved with a set of "stealth screens" that would be raised or lowered during the set.
Among these effects were a static-like visual used for "[[Only (song)|Only]]", during which Reznor's movements could break the effect as if the lights were a physical barrier; a feed from a camera trained on Reznor during "[[The Greater Good]]" and "[[Closer]]" that created a surreal, almost 3D image of his face across the stage as he sang; and a large scale re-creation of a drum machine touch screen for Josh Freese to use during "[[Echoplex]]".