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}}'''"Hand Covers Bruise"''' is the first track from ''[[The Social Network Soundtrack]]'', written by [[Trent Reznor]] and [[Atticus Ross]]. Its tempo is 65 BPM according to the MP3 tags.
Its first appearance was as the No Piano version on ''The Social Network'''s official website as background music in the form of a streaming MP3 at 256kbps. Later, the site was updated to play the original "Hand Covers Bruise".
A shortened version of the piece is titled "Main Title Sequence" on the Sony Pictures website for Academy Award consideration, while a shortened version of its reprise is titled "What Are We Doing About This?". At the same source, "What Were the Shares Diluted Down To?" is a slightly different take of the former, its piano sounding softer and more distant, and with a much shorter, darker bass drone section.