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Two months before the release of their fifth full-length album, ''[[Year Zero]]'', [[Nine Inch Nails]] began a new [[Tour|tour]], officially called '''Performance 2007'''. The tour started as a kind of best -of or hits tour (since no songs from ''Year Zero'' were played at the first few days) but later transformed into a direct ''Year Zero'' support tour.
==European spring tour==
[[Image:28.03.07.jpg|thumb|250px|Show in Munich on March 28, 2007.]]
Prior to the beginning of tour , Reznor in interview described it as an opportunity of playing with the same line-up again, visiting some places NIN did had not played in before and revisiting music from all the different areas of NIN rather than focusing on the new album.
Two ''Year Zero'' songs made their debut on this leg ("[[Survivalism (song)|Survivalism]]" and "[[The Beginning Of The End]]"), as well as a few old, never before played live songs: "[[Last]]" from ''[[Broken]]'', "[[We're In This Together (song)|We're In This Together]]" from ''[[The Fragile (halo)|The Fragile]]'' and deconstructed version of "[[The Fragile (song)|The Fragile]]" from ''[[Still]]''. Three songs from ''[[The Downward Spiral (halo)|The Downward Spiral]]'' ("[[Heresy]]", "[[Ruiner]]", "[[The Becoming]]") returned to the setlist for the first time since 1994-95 [[Self Destruct Touring Cycle|Self Destruct tour]].
The production on this tour was minimal, as it was mostly a club tour. On the other hand, the tour featured the heaviest setlist rotation in NIN history, covering about 40 songs from all NIN albums.
During the Spanish and UK legs at the beginning of this tour, flash drives each containing an intentionally leaked song from ''Year Zero'' ("[[My Violent Heart]]," "[[Me, I'm Not]]" and "[[In This Twilight]]") have been were found in men's bathroom stalls.
===Tour Dates===
==Australia/Japan spring tour==
This tour featured the same production as the previous European tour, but was more focused on ''Year Zero'', as it had 5-6 of the album''Year Zero'' s songs in each show setlist, while the European tour had no more than two. ''"[[Hyperpower!]]"'', "[[The Good Soldier]]", "Me, I'm Not" and "[[Capital G (song)|Capital G]]" made their live debut on this leg.
===Tour dates===
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| Blaisdell Arena
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