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Available on the Japanese import of ''Hesitation Marks'' and the ''Remix 2014 EP''.
==Music Video==
There were plans for a music video to be directed by Shynola, who had also done the video for "[[How Long?]]" by [[How To Destroy Angels]], but it was evidently scrapped. A press release from Sony stated that the video would premiere on the same week that ''Hesitation Marks'' was released.[] Nothing materialized and a post to Shynola's Twitter account seemed to confirm that it wasn't going to happen.[]Reznor eventually addressed the video in a response on a Reddit AMA session, stating that, "we made a video for 'Everything' with Shynola. I love those dudes, but for whatever reason it just didn't turn out that great and I shelved it. This is not an uncommon occurrence in my world."[] 
"Everything" [[NIN songs never played live|has never been played live]], though has been rehearsed as mentioned in the above interview snippet. It can also be heard being rehearsed live in the background of the first [[Live 2013-2014|Tension tour]] behind-the-scenes video put up on the [[Nine Inch Nails]] VEVO YouTube account.