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Clouser has shared songwriting credits for the NIN songs "[[The Way Out Is Through]]" and "[[Starfuckers, Inc. (song)|Starfuckers, Inc.]]" He appears in the [[Nine Inch Nails music videos|music videos]] for "[[Hurt (song)|Hurt]]" (live), "[[Eraser]]" (live), "[[Wish (song)|Wish]]" (live), "[[The Perfect Drug (song)|The Perfect Drug]]" and "[[Into The Void (song)|Into The Void]]".
Clouser has also done remixes for various bands, including: White Zombie, [[Marilyn Manson (band)|Marilyn Manson]], Rammstein, [[Prong]], Killing Joke, [[Related bands and artists#Type O Negative|Type O Negative]], Zilch, Schwein, Collide, [[12 Rounds]], Foetus, [[Related bands and artists#Meat Beat Manifesto |Meat Beat Manifesto]] and Esthero.
He has also worked as a composer, scoring the films ''Saw'' (2004), ''Saw II'' (2005), ''Saw III'' (2006), ''Saw IV'' (2007), ''Saw V'' (2008), ''Saw VI'' (2009), ''Saw VII'' (2010), ''Resident Evil: Extinction'' (2007), ''Death Sentence'' (2007), ''Dead Silence'' (2007), ''Deepwater'' (2005) and ''End Of Days'' (1999), as well as the TV series ''Las Vegas'' (2003 - 2007) and ''Fastlane'' (2005). He is currently the composer for the series ''NUMB3RS''. He also appeared in the film ''Moog'' (2004).