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[[Image:HMstandardaustralian.jpg|thumb|International standard CD artwork]]
[[Image:HMaudiophile.jpg|thumb|thumb|Audiophile Mastered Version artwork]]
This album marks a return to the artwork of Russell Mills, whose work was previously used for ''[[March Of The Pigs (halo)|March Of The Pigs]]'', ''The Downward Spiral'', ''[[Further Down The Spiral]]'' and ''[[Closure]]''. There is a different cover for each of the five editions. Reznor stated in a radio interview[] that he couldn't choose between the various covers and decided to use them all. He also stated that Mills had suggested the album title. A book of prints from the ''Hesitation Marks'' artwork is being put together for release in 2015, entitled ''Cargo In The Blood (The Reverse Is Also True)''.[]
Some of the alternate covers are used within the packaging of the other editions, i.e. the cover of the standard CD is inside the gatefold of the vinyl, the cover of the iTunes Deluxe Edition is on the booklet of the standard CD, etc. The covers of the international and Japanese standard CDs are a variation on the cover of the US standard CD, with the painting oriented sideways and, in the case of the Japanese cover, photographed from a slightly different vantage point and lighter in hue. The digital Audiophile Mastered Version cover is a variation on the standard digital cover, with the painting again oriented sideways.
* Vinyl cover: "Other Murmurs" (Plaster, earth, oils, acrylics, etching varnish, collage, on canvas, on wood)
* iTunes Deluxe cover: "Lures" (Plaster, earth, oils, acrylics, fishing flies, threads, on wood)
===''Cargo In The Blood: The Reverse Is Also True''===
A limited edition multiple/art book containing Mills' art for ''Hesitation Marks'' is planned for eventual release.
<blockquote>"Mills will travel with his collaborator Mike Fearon, to Los Angeles to undertake the painting of a large mixed media canvas towards the ''Cargo In The Blood: The Reverse Is Also True'' limited edition multiple. Once completed the canvas will be cut into 2500-3000 individual works, which will be framed in steel to become part of the limited edition multiple. In addition to several other items, ''Cargo In The Blood: The Reverse Is Also True'' will also contain a hardback five colour 320-page book showing all the works made towards use in the ''Hesitation Marks'' release, with interpretative texts charting the ideas behind each work. Each will be encased in a folding and individually cauterised suede portfolio. Edition number and publication date tbc."[]</blockquote>