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| instruments = Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone
| years = 2013
| tours = [[Live NIN 2013-2014|2013 FestivalsFestival Tour]] through [[Live Tension 2013-2014|TensionTour]]}}'''Joshua Leeds Eustis''' (born 1977) is a musician and a member of [[Telefon Tel Aviv]]. Telefon Tel Aviv is an American electronic music act from New Orleans, Louisiana and based in Chicago, Illinois. Originally consisting of Eustis and Charles Cooper, Telefon Tel Aviv continues with Eustis as the sole official member since Cooper's death in 2009. Josh was a touring member of [[Nine Inch Nails]] for the first two legs of the [[Live NIN 2013-2014]] tour.
Eustis founded Telefon Tel Aviv along with Cooper in 1999 and together they recorded three proper albums and did numerous remixes for other artists. The future of the band was uncertain after Cooper's death, but in 2012, Eustis stated that he was attempting to write new Telefon Tel Aviv material.
On February 25, 2013, [[Trent Reznor]] announced that Eustis would be part of the touring lineup of Nine Inch Nails. It is assumed that he was originally slated to focus on keyboards, but was utilized mainly for bass on the [[NIN 2013 Festivals Festival Tour]], as [[Eric Avery]] had left the lineup. [[Pino Palladino]] was added to the lineup on bass for the [[Tension 2013 Tour ]] and Eustis became a multi-instrumentalist, handling guitar, keyboards, backing vocals and saxophone.
Eustis also has prior ties to NIN, as he assisted with programming and sound design for the NIN track "[[The Great Collapse]]" and worked on remixes of "[[The Frail]], "[[Where Is Everybody?]]" and "[[Even Deeper]]". He also provided additional backing vocals on "[[I Would For You]]".