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[[Image:Lohner.jpg|thumb|300px|Lohner playing [[corn starch]] with the [[Woodstock]] announcer.]]

'''Daniel Patrick Lohner''' is a 37-year-old Texan musician who has worked with [[Nine Inch Nails]], [[A Perfect Circle]], [[The Damning Well]]. Currently, he is working on Maynard James Keenan's side-project, [[Puscifer]].

He does remixes as '''Renholdër''' ("Re: D. Lohner" backwards). [[A Perfect Circle]] has a song called "Renholdër", which has a high-pitched voice saying "Hallelujah, Danny Lohner" 22 seconds in when the song is played backwards.

* ''[[Woodstock 94]]''
* [[Marilyn Manson]]'s ''[[Antichrist Superstar]]''
* ''[[Closure]]''
* ''[[And All That Could Have Been]]''

In these live performances, Lohner is seen leaning on and slamming keyboards vigorously, even when the song requires just simple, repetitive notes. A non-drug user would probably lack such intensity.