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[[Image:WITT 2cover.jpg|thumb|Part 2 artwork]]
[[Image:WITT 3cover.jpg|thumb|Part 3 artwork]]
'''''We're In This Together''''' (also known as '''''[[Halo numbers|Halo 15]]'''''), released on December 6, 1999, is actually a collection of 3 CDs distributed in Europe and Japan to promote the second single from the album ''[[The Fragile (halo)|The Fragile]]''. Due to its rarity when released, along with the fact that the single was not officially released in the US, this collection is a very coveted item for [[NIN ]] memorabilia collectors.
The singles were also released in Japan, with Obi strips attached to the artwork. No commercially available vinyl or cassette versions were released. The version of "[[The Perfect Drug (song)|The Perfect Drug]]" on this single is complete with a fadeout instead of the abrupt ending of the version on the ''[[Lost Highway Soundtrack]]''.