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* iTunes Deluxe cover: "Lures" (Plaster, earth, oils, acrylics, fishing flies, threads, on wood)
===''Cargo In The Blood: The Reverse Is Also True''===A limited edition multiple/art book containing Mills' art for ''Hesitation Marks'' is planned for eventual releasewas released in December 2015. It was priced at $300 and the following information was given on the site set up at
<blockquote>"Nine Inch Nails and long-time collaborator and artist Russell Mills present ''Cargo In The Blood'', a deluxe, limited edition multiple focusing on 320-page book collecting all of the art works made the artist created for Nine Inch Nails’ ''Hesitation Marks '' album is currently in production. Each volume also includes an original mixed media painting created by Russell Mills specifically for the project. Available exclusively on, ''Cargo In The multiple, which Blood'' is limited to 2000 copies and will be produced in a limited available to order 12/16/15 10am PT."</blockquote> INCLUDES *Limited edition will include a five colour 320 page fully illustrated hardback book showing all the works made featuring Russell Mills’ art for the commission Hesitation Marks*Original Mixed Media Painting by Mills housed in a COR-TEN steel frame*Custom laser-etched steel card numbered between 1 and 2000 ADDITIONAL DETAILS *Each set is bound in a plush cotton and rayon flocked material*Exterior features debossed and foil stamped lettering and unique hand cauterized mark*Pages printed with interpretative texts Metallic Silver and essays charting the ideas behind and processes used in each work4CP UV inks*Ships from US late December, ships from UK mid January*Measures 15″ x 13″ x 2″ at 11 lbs*Product shots are prototype. Each set will also contain an original mixed media work framed in Corten steel artwork and a uniquely coded etched Corten Steel plate. Every copy markings that will be encased vary in a folding appearance A 10 minute film about the inspiration and individually cauterised suede portfolioprocess for the artwork of ''Cargo In The Blood'' as well as Mills' work for ''The Downward Spiral'' was also made available for viewing. Edition number, price and publication date tbc"[]</blockquote>
*[ Russell Mills on the artwork for the album]
*[ Interior artwork photographed by Rob Sheridan]
*[ Promotional site for ''Cargo In The Blood'']
*[ Explanation of the mastering]
*[ ''Hesitation Marks'' at]