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[[Image:F_8101792.jpg|thumbnail|Rob Sheridan]]'''Robert Sheridan''' (born October 11, 1979) is the art director and webmaster for [[Nine Inch Nails]] and [[How To Destroy Angels]]. Prior to Sheridan's hiring, much of NIN's art direction was handled by [[Gary Talpas]]. As of 2016, Sheridan is on hiatus from his work with NIN and the position is currently held by John Crawford.
He was nominated for the 2008 Grammy award for "Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package" for his work on the ''[[Ghosts I-IV]]'' limited edition boxed set. In his work as art director for HTDA, he has contributed the HTDA logo, promotional photography, and merchandise design. He has also worked with Reznor and [[Atticus Ross]] on the artwork and packaging design for ''[[The Social Network Soundtrack|The Social Network]]'', ''[[The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Soundtrack|The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo]]'' and ''[[Gone Girl Soundtrack|Gone Girl]]'' soundtracks.
He is also known for his own illustration work. Beginning in 2007, he has posted artwork and released limited edition signed and numbered prints on his Sketchblog and portfolio. As of 2013, he is also a member of How To Destroy Angels, contributing mainly as a visual rather than musical member. In concert, he contributes synthesizers, vocals and visual effects. He also helped to design the Beats Music streaming audio service, which is was partly helmed by Reznor.
==Body of work==