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| length = 2:30
| BPM = 135
| versions = Complication<br>Complication (Alt)<br>Complication (Alternate Version)<br>Complications Of The Flesh<br>Complication (''[[And All That Could Have Been (halo)|And All That Could Have Been]]'')
| live = [[Fragility v2.0]]
}}'''"Complication"''' is the seventh track on the Right disc of ''[[The Fragile (halo)|The Fragile]]''. It is an [[:Category:NIN Instrumentals|instrumental]] track.
This is the original album version. Its descending, filtered guitar introduction begins immediately as "[[Starfuckers, Inc. (song)|Starfuckers, Inc.]]" ends, and is augmented by a drum loop before opening up into the main body of the song, characterised by a catchy bassline, Reznor's wordless background vocals, and a guitar solo. The final section of the song seems to be a noise loop made by guitars, which crossfades with either "[[I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally]]" (CD) or "[[The New Flesh]]" (vinyl).
===Complication (Alt)===
Released exclusively through Apple Music. Same as the album version, but with an extended ending.
===Complication (Alternate Version)===
Released on ''The Fragile: Deviations 1'' . Also known as "Complication" (Alt) when it was originally released on Apple Music as part of ''The Fragile Instrumental''. Same as the album version, but with an extended ending.
===Complications Of The Flesh===