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[[Image:Ntae_cover.jpg|thumb|200px|Halo 29: ''Not The Actual Events'' (Official cover from<br />[ Find on] - [ Find on Amazon] - [ Find on eBay]]]
[[Image:Ntae_backart.jpg|thumb|Back album art]]
'''''Not The Actual Events''''' (also known as '''''[[Halo numbers|Halo 29]]''''') is the second proper EP from [[Nine Inch Nails]]. It was released digitally on December 23, 2016, though pre-orders through [[]] allowed for a download one day early. This is the first release to include [[Atticus Ross]] as an official member of NIN.
<blockquote>"It's an unfriendly, fairly impenetrable record that we needed to make. It's an EP because that ended up being the proper length to tell that story".</blockquote>
In June 2017, it was announced that ''Not The Actual Events'' is the first in a trilogy of related EPs to be released 6-8 months apart. The second EP, ''[[Add Violence]]'', was announced in July 2017the following month.
In addition to a wide digital release, the EP was offered through in two other formats. One was a single-sided vinyl, and the other was a digital + "physical component for you to deal with" version. The physical component includes thick card stock papers containing song lyrics, various images and soot that will cover your hands upon opening. Many different unique variants have been reported. The warning sticker on the outer packaging reads:
<blockquote>To be read IN ITS ENTIRETY before opening. Actions have consequences! N.T.A.E. may contain subversive elements that produce feelings of euphoria and may be harmful and unsettling to the consumer. Likewise, this physical package may lead to unrealized expectations or unexpected results upon opening. Caution should be exercised with both. AND THIS IS IMPORTANT... This will make a mess. By opening this envelope in any way, you assume all risks to your person and/or property, and waive any claim against [[The Null Corporation]], any of its subsidiaries or affiliated entities from any and all damages or harm you may incur.</blockquote>
"Halo Twenty Nine" is also faintly printed on the reverse of the final sheet, confirming its official halo number status.
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