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[[Image:Bad_witch_cover_alternate.jpeg|thumb|200px|Alternate Cover]]
'''''Bad Witch''''' (also known as '''''[[Halo numbers|Halo 32]]''''') will be released digitally on June 22, 2018. This album acts as the third installation of a trilogy, following the 2016 release of ''[[Not The Actual Events]]'' and the 2017 release of ''[[Add Violence]]''.
==Track List==
Despite the fact that the two releases that preceded it were marketed as EPs, ''Bad Witch'' is marketed as an album.[] It was officially announced on May 10, 2018.
The official [[ ]] website description states:
<blockquote>"CONCLUSION. SHADOWS ON THE CAVE WALL."</blockquote>
In an interview with Zane Lowe[], [[Trent Reznor]] somewhat explained the concept underlying each piece of the trilogy:
<blockquote>"Let me drop some cryptic information on you. The idea of this three EP thing was all to find truth in us figuring out who we are now and how we fit into the world. The first EP, ''Not The Actual Events'', was meant to be from a personal angry self-destructive of reflection on that question and defining how I feel in a world, it feels stranger, part of that’s aging. Part of that’s because the world is getting weirder. Finding your place in a world that looks different every day little bit changes and reacting to that in the first EP through anger and self-destruction and sitting alone setting a match to your life.
The second EP, ''Add Violence'', was meant to the same question. But looking for answers externally. Maybe it’s because of this and there’s comfort in that. Maybe there’s a reason things feel kind of crazy and it’s not that I’m insane that I’m in a situation that’s insane.
There was the third EP which has grown into an LP (''Bad Witch''). It was coming to one final look at that question from rejecting what EP number two says, and it wasn’t an easy answer… The entire system has a much more bleak and pessimistic outlook and I want to say too much because it gives away kind of the what the thing is. But it wasn’t necessarily what we thought it was going to be when we started. I thought it was going to go more science fiction. I don’t really want to overwhelm you with cleverness and deep diving and part of that felt like an arms race and it also felt like a cop out."</blockquote>
Like the two previous releases, ''Bad Witch'' will be available as a 12" vinyl, a digital download and as a CD. A white vinyl Spotify exclusive edition was also offered.
[[Image:Bad_Witch_Back_Cover.jpg|thumb|''Bad Witch'' back cover]]
The "scratch marks" seen in the ''Not The Actual Events'' and ''Add Violence'' cover artworks appear in a different form on the right border of the back cover of this album. An alternate front cover was found, having different images of the hand and the computer chip.
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