[[Image:TFconceptart1.jpg|thumb|''The Fragile'' concept art]]
[[Image:TFconceptart2.jpg|thumb|''The Fragile'' concept art]]
A look through David Carson's book ''Fotografiks'' reveals that the top section of the album cover is from a photo of a Öxarárfoss waterfall in Iceland and the bottom section is from a closeup photo of the inside of some kind of seashell. The flowers on the back cover are widely assumed to be a variety of Indian Paintbrush. He explained further in an image on his website:
<p>"packaging for trent reznor, back was going to be the front till the last moment. trent changed it saying it was kinda irritating yet something about it we liked so maybe it fit the music. front cover flowers i shot outside of austin texas. the 1 hour place called and said they messed up and used the wrong chemicals and the film was ruined. i said lemme see em anyway. this is how they came out. cover image is a waterfall in iceland and a seashell in the west indies."</p>