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==Outtakesand PDF Poster==
[[Image:Digital_Poster_-_With_Teeth.jpg|thumb|200px|Digital Poster (Preview)]]
On a PDF poster containing lyrics and credits posted to [[ teeth|the ''With Teeth'' site]], several extra songs were alluded to but not featured on the album. All of these songs except for one contained lyrics in some form, though they were not entirely legible. These songs are:
* "[[Message To No One]]"
On May 5, 2005, in the [ Access] section of, Reznor simply replied with "?" in response to the following fan question: "In the .pdf file for the lyrics to the ''With Teeth'' album, there are [sic] appears to be songs listed with lyrics that do not appear on the Dual Disc CD/DVD album. Those songs include "Home," "Message To No One" and "The Life You Didn't Lead". Will these songs be released ever?"
*A song with the title "[[The Warning (Year Zero song)|The Warning]]" is on the ''[[Year Zero]]'' track list. The When the 2019 Definitive Edition vinyl of ''With Teeth'' was released, the poster was made physically available to members of [[The Spiral]] re-created as part of the welcome packagepackaging. Lyrics to "The Warning" were made legible and it was finally revealed that while the two songs are not the same, the track from ''Year Zero'' has its origins in the track from the ''With Teeth'' sessions.
*The non-album tracks from this era are "[[Non-Entity]]" and "[[Not So Pretty Now]]." They were eventually released on the ''[[NINJA 2009 Summer Tour EP]]''.
*In a pre-release article [] for ''With Teeth,'' a song named "[[My Dead Friend]]" was mentioned. Whether this is an earlier name for a song that does appear or simply didn't make the cut is so far unknown. It is speculated that it may have become "[[This Isn't The Place]]".
The poster was made physically available to members of [[The Spiral]] as part of the welcome package.
==Definitive 2019 Edition Vinyl==