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'''"The Warning"''' is a song hinted at in PDF lyric sheets of ''[[With Teeth (halo)|With Teeth]].'' The song's lyrics were not legible on the PDF. It is not known if it even was recorded or not, along with "[[My Dead Friend]]," "[[Message To No One]]," and "[[The Life You Didn't Lead]]," the latter two also hinted on [[|various posters and PDFs]]. "My Dead Friend" was hinted at during an interview pre-''With Teeth.''
A song with the title "[[The Warning (Year Zero song)|The Warning]]" is on ''[[Year Zero]]''.  When the 2019 Definitive Edition vinyl of ''With Teeth'' was released, the PDF was re-created as part of the packaging. Lyrics to "The Warning" were made legible and it was finally revealed that the track from ''Year Zero'' has its origins in the track from the ''With Teeth'' sessions. Interestingly, the line "a celebration of ignorance" comes directly from "[[Ahead Of Ourselves]]" from ''[[Bad Witch]]''. ==Lyrics== You can take this as a warning You can take this as a sign (???) traitor amongst us among you Wait until.... (???) his time waiting for his time And this continues (?) And it is coming As I bleed (?) Yes Indeed A celebration of ignorance Self-importance and greed The virus will eat the host The virus will eat the host Your time is tick tick ticking away Your time is tick tick ticking away And you won't do a thing (?) It's already over Tick tock Tick tock
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