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added Waves, Watchmen, Vietnam War, Bird Box, and Mid90s scores. Need to figure out what to do with HTDA, if anything.
|[[File:BeforeTheFlood_icon.jpg|top|link=Before The Flood Soundtrack|alt=Before The Flood]]
|[[File:Patriots_Day_Icon.jpg|top|link=Patriots Day Soundtrack|alt=Patriots Day]]
|[[File:The_Vietnam_War_Original_Score icon.jpg|top|link=The Vietnam War Original Score|alt=The Vietnam War Original Score]]
|[[File:Mid90s cover icon.jpg|top|link=Mid90s (Original Music From The Motion Picture)|alt=Mid90s (Original Music From The Motion Picture)]]
|[[File:Bird box_icon.jpg|top|link=Bird Box Original Score|alt=Bird Box Original Score]]
|[[File:Watchmenvol1digital_icon.jpg|top|link=Watchmen (Music From The HBO Series)|alt=Watchmen (Music From The HBO Series)]]
|[[File:Waves Cover Art_icon.jpg|top|link=Waves (Original Score)|alt=Waves (Original Score)]]