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Of the artwork, Rob Sheridan went on to state: "For Nine Inch Nails' album, we created logos representing each song, and embedded them in the MP3s to give each song its own visual identity when played digitally. Each logo played upon the meaning or title of the song, sometimes overtly, sometimes very abstractly. A scribbled red line crossed into most of the images, struggling to find harmony with the shapes, but ultimately failing." In a Patreon Q&A session[], Sheridan was asked about the art for "Demon Seed" and he explained that it was "the end of the journey of the red line that moved through the artwork of that record, trying to make sense of the rigid forms, sometimes fighting them, before finally overtaking them. It was Trent's idea to have the line take over 'Demon Seed' so completely/aggressively. It tied in to the meaning behind the music, which isn't my place to discuss as TR tends to keep that stuff close to his chest."
According to a [ Japanese interview] with [[modwheelmood]], the hand on the cover of ''The Slip'' is that of Alessandro Cortini, while the shoulder is Reznor's. The cover of the booklet is a new piece of artwork that depicts several light gray lines on a dark background (the same color as the one for 1,000,000). Five lines, two on the ends and three in the middle, all travel straight downward from the top edge to the bottom. Two more lines, in between the three middle and two outside, on each side, start straight downward, then slant inward, then travel straight downward parallel to the other lines before they would intersect the ones in the middle. These lines combined form a variation on the [[Logo History|NIN logo]] (second "N" being backwards).
The high quality wave download torrent includes a subdirectory named "The Slip art", containing JPEG images. However, the file "02-1000000.jpg", has an incorrect file extension. This is actually an Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Macintosh version) file with a single layer and no significant meta information attached. According to a [ Japanese interview] with [[modwheelmood]], the hand on the cover of ''The Slip'' is that final page of Alessandro Cortini, while the shoulder is Reznor'sPDF gives credit to "(c) 2008 niin. Cortini also states that he did not actually play anything on the studio album, though his performances are included on the rehearsal DVD" This appears to be a typographical error. There also seems to be a mistake in the wave files; The track "The Four Of Us Are Dying" is mistitled "Demon Seed" and vice versa. The final page of the PDF gives credit to "(c) 2008 niin." This appears to be a typographical error.
Audiophile message board [ Hydrogen Audio] noticed mastering errors on the 24/96 high-def WAVs, which was followed by posters "ningineer" and "treznor" who wrote that they had recontacted the mastering studio and released the WAVs in addition to high-def FLACs.[] On May 15th the Halo 27 blog post was edited with the message: ''"Some friends at hydrogenaudio pointed out an error with the high resolution WAVE files we didn't catch. The corrected files are now posted along with high resolution FLAC files as well. If you're interested in these, simply re-download the new files. Sorry for the hassle!"''
A Google Earth KML file representing downloads of ''The Slip'' according to geographic region was made available from on June 26th, displaying over 1,400,000 downloads (not including multiple downloads) that had come from On July 16, 2008, Reznor posted two images of the physical product on The post was entitled "The Beginning and the End". The first image shows him holding two copies of the album, hiding his face behind them. The second image shows the backs of both CDs. The one in back reads 1/250,000 and the one in front reads 250,000/250,000.
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