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[[Trent Reznor]] was also responsible for the game's sound effects. Reznor became involved as the result of mutual fandom between himself and developers at id Software. He was a big fan of ''Doom'' and had sent tickets and backstage passes to developers, expressing an interest in working on ''Quake''.[] It is notable that this [[Soundtracks|soundtrack]] contains [ ambient music], which Reznor went on to explore further with the ''[[Ghosts]]'' series and various scores created with [[Atticus Ross]]. It is also reminiscent of the dark ambient music of [[Coil]].
On September 16th, 2020, it was announced that the ''Quake '' 12" 2xLP would be available for sale via the [[ ]] store. Per [[John Crawford]] on [[Echoing the Sound]], it was confirmed that the release has the [[Null numbers|Null]] 0.5 release number. Historically, there was confusion as to whether the soundtrack was credited to NIN or Reznor alone, but this was cleared up by id Software designer American McGee[] and by the hype sticker on the 2020 vinyl edition.
==Track Listing==