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[[How To Destroy Angels]]
<gallery mode="packed">
File:Halo_01_icon.jpg|link=Down In It (halo)|alt=Down In It
File:Halo_02_icon.jpg|link=Pretty Hate Machine|alt=Pretty Hate Machine
File:Halo_03_icon.jpg|link=Head Like A Hole (halo)|alt=Head Like A Hole
File:Halo_04_icon.jpg|link=Sin (halo)|alt=Sin
File:Halo_07_icon.jpg|link=March of the Pigs (halo)|alt=March of the Pigs
File:Halo_08_icon.jpg|link=The Downward Spiral (halo)|alt=The Downward Spiral
File:Halo_09_icon.jpg|link=Closer To God (halo)|alt=Closer To God
File:Halo_10_icon.jpg|link=Further Down the Spiral|alt=Further Down the Spiral
File:Halo_11_icon.jpg|link=The Perfect Drug (halo)|alt=The Perfect Drug
File:Halo_13_icon.jpg|link=The Day The World Went Away (halo)|alt=The Day The World Went Away
File:Halo_14_icon.jpg|link=The Fragile (halo)|alt=The Fragile
File:Halo_15_icon.jpg|link=We're In This Together (halo)|alt=We're In This Together
File:Halo_16_icon.jpg|link=Things Falling Apart|alt=Things Falling Apart
File:Halo_17_icon.jpg|link=And All That Could Have Been (halo)|alt=And All That Could Have Been
File:Halo_18_icon.jpg|link=The Hand That Feeds (halo)|alt=The Hand That Feeds
File:Halo_19_icon.jpg|link=With Teeth (halo)|alt=With Teeth
File:Halo_20_icon.jpg|link=Only (halo)|alt=Only
File:Halo_21_icon.jpg|link=Every Day Is Exactly The Same (halo)|alt=Every Day Is Exactly The Same
File:Halo_22_icon.jpg|link=Beside You In Time (halo)|alt=Beside You In Time
File:Halo_23_icon.jpg|link=Survivalism (halo)|alt=Survivalism
File:Halo_24_icon.jpg|link=Year Zero|alt=Year Zero
File:Halo_26_icon.jpg|link=Ghosts I-IV|alt=Ghosts I-IV
File:Halo_27_icon.jpg|link=The Slip|alt=The Slip
File:Halo_28_icon.jpg|link=Hesitation Marks|alt=Hesitation Marks
File:Halo_29_icon.jpg|link=Not The Actual Events|alt=Not The Actual Events
File:Halo_30_icon.jpg|link=The Fragile: Deviations 1|alt=The Fragile: Deviations 1
File:Halo_31_icon.jpg|link=Add Violence|alt=Add Violence
File:Halo_32_icon.jpg|link=Bad Witch|alt=Bad Witch
File:Halo_33_icon.jpg|link=Ghosts V: Together|alt=Ghosts V: Together
File:Halo_34_icon.jpg|link=Ghosts VI: Locusts|alt=Ghosts VI: Locusts
[[File:Nbk_icon.jpg<div class="ninwiki-halo-catalog">{{halo|topnumber = 01|linktitle =Natural Born Killers SoundtrackDown In It (halo)|alt=Natural Born Killers]]Down In It| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 02| title = Pretty Hate Machine| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:Quake_icon.jpg|topnumber = 03|linktitle =Quake SoundtrackHead Like A Hole (halo)|alt=Quake Soundtrack]]Head Like A Hole[[File:Lh_icon.jpg|topartwork = }}{{halo|linknumber =Lost Highway Soundtrack04| title = Sin (halo)|alt=Lost Highway]]Sin| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 05| title = Broken| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 06| title = Fixed| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:Tsn_icon.jpg|topnumber = 07|linktitle =The Social Network SoundtrackMarch of the Pigs (halo)|alt=The Social Network]]March of the Pigs| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:Tgwtdt_icon.jpg|topnumber = 08|linktitle =The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo SoundtrackDownward Spiral (halo)|alt=The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo]]Downward Spiral| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:Gone Girl icon.jpg|topnumber = 09|linktitle =Gone Girl SoundtrackCloser To God (halo)|alt=Gone Girl]]Closer To God| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 10| title = Further Down the Spiral[[File:BeforeTheFlood_icon.jpg|topartwork = }}{{halo|linknumber = 11| title =Before The Flood SoundtrackPerfect Drug (halo)|alt=Before The Flood]]Perfect Drug| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 12| title = Closure| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:Patriots_Day_Icon.jpg|topnumber = 13|linktitle =Patriots The Day SoundtrackThe World Went Away (halo)|alt=Patriots The Day]]The World Went Away| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:The_Vietnam_War_Original_Score icon.jpg|topnumber = 14|linktitle =The Vietnam War Original ScoreFragile (halo)|alt=The Vietnam War Original Score]]Fragile| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:Mid90s cover icon.jpg|topnumber = 15|linktitle =Mid90s We're In This Together (Original Music From The Motion Picturehalo)|alt=Mid90s We're In This Together| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 16| title = Things Falling Apart| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 17| title = And All That Could Have Been (Original Music From halo)| alt = And All That Could Have Been| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 17| title = Still| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 18| title = The Motion PictureHand That Feeds (halo)]][[File:Bird box_icon.jpg|topalt = The Hand That Feeds| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 19|linktitle =Bird Box Original ScoreWith Teeth (halo)|alt=Bird Box Original Score]]With Teeth| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:Watchmenvol1digital_icon.jpg|topnumber = 20|linktitle =Watchmen Only (Music From halo)| alt = Only| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 21| title = Every Day Is Exactly The HBO SeriesSame (halo)|alt=Watchmen (Music From Every Day Is Exactly The HBO Series)]]Same| artwork = }}{{halo[[File:Waves Cover Art_icon.jpg|topnumber = 22|linktitle =Waves Beside You In Time (Original Scorehalo)|alt=Waves Beside You In Time| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 23| title = Survivalism (Original Scorehalo)]]| alt = Survivalism| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 24| title = Year Zero| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 25| title = Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 26| title = Ghosts I-IV| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 27| title = The Slip| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 28| title = Hesitation Marks| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 29| title = Not The Actual Events| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 30| title = The Fragile: Deviations 1| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 31| title = Add Violence| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 32| title = Bad Witch| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 33| title = Ghosts V: Together| artwork = }}{{halo| number = 34| title = Ghosts VI: Locusts| artwork = }}</div> 
[[File:Htda_icon.jpg|top|link=How To Destroy Angels (album)|alt=How To Destroy Angels]]
[[File:Omen_icon.jpg|top|link=An Omen EP|alt=An Omen EP]]
[[File:Oblivion_icon.jpg|top|link=Welcome Oblivion (album)|alt=Welcome Oblivion]]
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