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*Mastering: Tom Baker at Precision Mastering
*Surround mastering: Adam Ayan for Gateway Mastering
*Additional drum programming: [[Jerome Dillon]]<br><br>*Design: Rob Sheridan<br><br>
*Project Coordination: Leo Herrera
*Studios: [[Nothing Studios]] (New Orleans), The Village Recorder, Sound City Studios, and Grandmaster Recording Studios (Los Angeles)
*Assistance: Brett Bachemin, Dustin Mosley, Pete Martinez, Andrew Alekel, Chad Essig, Neal Ferrazzani, Jason Wormer, and Andy Brohard
*Drum technicians: Jeremy Berman, Gerch for Drum Fetish<br><br>
*Management: Rebel Waltz, Inc.
*Booking: Marc Geiger for WMA, Emma Banks for Helter Skelter
*Styling: April Napier
*Hair: Eric Gabriel
*Grooming: Cori Bardo<br><br>
*DVD-A menus and imagery: Rob Sheridan
*Additional DVD-A art design by The DZN Group
*Supervising producer: Jim Belcher
*Producer for DVD-Audio: Kamran V
*"The Hand That Feeds" video directed by Rob Sheridan<br><br>
All songs written by Trent Reznor ©2005 Leaving Hope Music/TVT Music (ASCAP)
Administered by Leaving Hope Music, Inc. [[Dave Grohl]] appears courtesy Roswell Records<br><br>Thank you: [[Rick Rubin]], Jim Guerinot, Mark Geiger, Jimmy Iovine, Jackie McPherson, David Cohen, Steve Berman, Mark Williams, Dennis Dennehy, David Saslow, Courtney Holt, Candace Berry, Martin Kierszenbaum, Angelica Czekalski, Wendy Diplock, Kathy Angstadt, Kamran V, Jeff Anderson, Shaynee Lee-Gordy, Lindsay Chase, [[Keith Hillebrandt]], Brenda Romano, Robbie Lloyd, Melissa Taylor, Gretchen Anderson, Christina Meloche, Sidney Miltz, Kim Kennedy, Jamie Myers, Doug Idleman, Tim Lightfoot, Gino Ascani, Mark Stephen, Susan Swan, [[Dave “Rave” Ogilvie]], [[Danny Lohner]], [[Charlie Clouser]], Claudia Sarne, Don Passman, Eric Ferman, Larry Tull, Ian Astbury, [[Maynard James Keenan]], Jason Pettigrew, Jen Foster, Jim and Bebe Rose, Kevin Llewllyn, Lindsay Dakota, Myriam Santos-Kayda, Nancy Berry, Pete Thorne, Ralf Dietel, Richard Devine, Rupert Parkes, Alien Tom, Simon B, Steph Jorgl, Ted Revely, Tiffany Andrews, Tamar Levine, Michael Angelos, Walker Rollins<br><br>Support: Chandra Lynn @ DigiDesign, Andrew Grad @ West LA Music, Dave Casey @ Apogee, Mike Harris @ Harris Audio Systems, Guitar Center, Roger Cordell @ Big City Music, Bela Canhoto @ Native Instruments, Chris Goodwin @ Eastwest, Tim Godwin @ Line 6, Priscilla Larey @ Larvey Engineering, Orange County Drums, Billy Siegle @ Fender, Truetone Music, Steve "Coco" Brandon, Paul J. Cox, Ross Reeck<br><br>
Nine Inch Nails Live With Teeth: [[Alessandro Cortini]], Jerome Dillon, [[Aaron North]], Trent Reznor, and [[Jeordie White]]