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[[Image:Lights In The Sky poster.jpg|thumb|290px|Tour poster]]
The '''Lights In The Sky Tour''' took place between July and December 2008 in North America and South America in support of ''[[Ghosts I-IV]]'' and ''[[The Slip]]''. The [[Tour|tour]] was also essentially supporting ''[[Year Zero]]'' for the audiences it reached, as the [[Performance 2007]] tour had not covered those parts of the world. Opening acts for this tour were [[Related bands and artists#Boris|Boris]], [[Related bands and artists#The Bug|The Bug]], [[Related bands and artists#Crystal Castles|Crystal Castles]], [[Related bands and artists#Deerhunter|Deerhunter]], [[Related bands and artists#Does It Offend You, Yeah?|Does It Offend You, Yeah?]], [[Related bands and artists#HEALTH|HEALTH]], [[Related bands and artists#A Place To Bury Strangers|A Place To Bury Strangers]], White Williams and Vigilante.