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==Definitive 2019 Edition Vinyl==
A vinyl reissue campaign of the NIN catalog was begun in 2017 with three albums, and was continued in 2019 when ''With Teeth'' was released as the next installment. The item's description reads:
<blockquote>"At long last, the Definitive version of ''With Teeth'', meticulously prepared by Trent Reznor, [[Atticus Ross]] and NIN art director [[John Crawford]]. Remastered in 2019 on 180-gram vinyl, with lots of details attended to that you may never notice but we care about."</blockquote>
This edition of the vinyl comes with a booklet containing photos and an essay about the album, written by David Fricke. It also contains the lyrics, adapted from the old PDF poster.
''With Teeth,'' unlike most Nine Inch Nails albums, does not have a unified concept and deals with a variety of themes. Reznor wrote the album after overcoming undisclosed addictions and settling legal issues with his former manager, [[John A. Malm, Jr.]]:
<blockquote>"A lot of this was [about] my relationship with myself, the world at large, and where I might fit into that...Also [it's about] my relationship to a disease that's going to kill me if I don't deal with it, and I came very close to that. Hopefully disguised enough that it's not a terribly boring record about recovery and addiction and that nonsense."</blockquote>
Reznor seemingly gained a new awareness of world issues, and showed this by speaking out against the US Government, as well as becoming a spokesperson for PETA. Some songs seem to deal with addiction ("With Teeth", "Sunspots"), while others have a more political intent ("The Hand That Feeds", "Right Where It Belongs").
In an interview with ''The Toronto Sun'', Reznor stated his original plan:
<blockquote>"What do you do when you buy a record now? I either download it or, more likely, I'll immediately put the CDs I buy in my iPod and then I lose them. Artwork is disposable now. I liked albums. It was an exploratory process. I don't see that with CDs. They're junk. It feels like we should just by-pass packaging all together. If you want to, you'll be able to buy a real deluxe book that the record fits into. It's a super nice thing that will have a big essay from me and a lot of pictures. It's more of a presentation and the artwork that you have now, that maybe you didn't quite understand, you'll see how it all fits into this. You'll get it."[]</blockquote>