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From an interview with ''The Sun'', Trent Reznor said the following about the track:
<blockquote>"I was trying to make something that leapt out of the speakers in a very umfamiliar way. At first listen, it might seem to be in praise of life but it's supposed to come off as an arrogant, '"Fuck you. I've survived!' " It also gets less triumphant and more reflective and melancholy towards the end."[]</blockquote>
Reznor went on to state, in another interview:
 <blockquote>"There were a few moments of this album where I expected eyebrows to raise," Reznor says. "But that actually was not one of them. To me, '"Everything' " is a descendant of Fear and [[Joy Division]] and New Order. Somehow, that song has become representative of this as my '"happy album,' " although I don't hear it as such. It's certainly not meant to make you feel like, '"Look at how great everything is!' " But it seems to be the shocking moment of the record. We've not played it onstage, only in rehearsals. It's become an irritant to me."[]</blockquote>