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Yah, Aaron is a badass.
Aaron, so you left the band (IL) and went for the money. I don't have a
problem with that.You know what a struggle it is to be in a band that
has it's own original style. Let it be. Don't fuck with a force of
nature by telling your 457 readers that the band broke up. You know that it
didn't. YOU chose to leave, you didn't get forced out. Did NIN break up
every time Trent got a new guitarist. So Joe has a couple of new
guitarists. This time they're musicians, not clowns. Give it a break and stop
talking smack about the guys who helped get you where you are now.
There may be tension, but there doesn't have to be shit. Rise above your
fucking PR-bullshit-persona and don't forget where you came from.- Pat