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You'll see.
Once the line picks-up dial 385# (other numbers may work, this is what I tried) and you enter into a voicemail system. You are able to enter in a last name and so far I have not been able to get any last names to work. I have tried different names from the name list on the site and the names of the people at gotVMAIL neither have worked. I have also tried
-- The person who was typing this entry has died. The cause of death cannot be described in one word, or even phrase, so bear with me as I explain the method to his supposed murder. One day, Our Beloved Trent Reznor, Kurt Cobain, Quentin Tarantino, and Tim Burton gathered in a room and decided to put their creative minds together and create a completely new type of media, different in many ways from music, movies, television, art, puppies, etc. Their creation was tested on this man because he found out too much about this phone number, and deserved to die anyways. What happened upon experimentation is classified information, so if this post is deleted, you will know why. The man didn't see or hear where the source of the media came from; he only experienced a euphoric state of nirvana, and just died. He combusted, peacefully, and blood flew everywhere. Ever seen "Kill Bill"? Ya, like that. Blood. Everywhere. No body, or body parts, were recovered form the scene. Only blood. That's actually how the girl died in this wiretapped conversation as well, which doesn't make any sense, considering it was recorded before the phone number was created that this man was researching. Pickle.
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