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#"[[Wish|Fist Fuck]]" (remixed by Thirlwell) – 7:20
#"[[Happiness In Slavery|Screaming Slave]]" (remixed by Reznor, Vrenna, [[Bill Kennedy]], [[Sean Beavan]], [[Martin Brumbach]], [[Bob Flanagan]]) – 8:00
==Album Credits==
*"Gave Up" remixed by Coil with Danny Hyde at Matrix (London)
*"Wish" remixed by J.G. Thirlwell
*"Happiness in Slavery" remixed by Trent Reznor and Chris Vrenna with foundation loops by PK
*"Throw This Away" assembled by Trent Reznor and Chris Vrenna with end portion created by Butch Vig
*"Fist Fuck" remixed by J.G. Thirlwell
*"Screaming Slave" given burth by Trent Reznor, Chris Vrenna, Bill Kennedy, Sean Beavan and Martin Brumbach with pain courtesy of Bob Flanagan
*Mastered by Tom Baker at Futuredisc<br>
*Management: [[John A. Malm, Jr.]] for Conservative
*Sleeve design and photography: Gary Talpas for Black Sun
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