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I'm Velvolver, but in the IRC rooms I'm known as With_Dentures. I've gotten a pretty bad reputation now for being "Annoying" as quoted by another IRC member KayCee_. I guess that's why I was banned from the #yearzero chatroom on 04/12/07 for discussing the death of the author of Slaughter House 5. I guess I shouldn't have gone off topic, in a non topic chatroom. You know, talking about Slaughter House 5 when it's been used in the ARG and when it's in the chatrooms MOTD is SOOOOOOOO off topic:) Or perhaps the annoying one is Merz, who before hand kicked me three times for asking what's going on with the drop supposed to happen on 4/13/07. Or maybe the asskisser Kaycee_ who most likely hasn't made a single contribution to the ARG and spends her time bragging about being a woman and lurking (waiting to complain) until someone wants to talk about something important instead of how fun it is to be #1 in posts:) I guess I shouldn't be mad, being banned unfairly and all from a chatroom by someone who posts such mindless drivel as found here: (seriously, sap was leaking out of my monitor when I saw it, that's really merzbau). Besides, if he can't come up with a better reason to ban me than "I just don't like you", then who cares? Keep enjoying your wicked bad beard dude, way way killer. And to KayCee_, if this gets around to you, you can thank me for that #3 position in spam on the chatroom, errrr I mean worthwhile discussion! If it weren't for me to complain about so much followed by cute annoyed face ( x_x ) then you wouldn't have it! By Velvolver/e/e5/L_14426a3125fb26b64012494c314341d58_copyWith_Dentures, big contributer to the ARG and the NINWIKI. -P.S.jpg, tried working out these problems with these people in private chat rooms, to reach a civil conclusion that would end the page fulls of slander, yet they refused to accept (Guess they'd rather stick together and raise their post counts:) )