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I don't know how to set up a tour page, but, i'll give the set list:

1.Somewhat Damaged 2.You Know What You Are? 3.Sin 4.March Of The Pigs 5.Piggy 6.The Beginning Of The End 7.Survivalism 8.Ruiner 9.Burn 10.Gave Up 11.Help Me I Am In Hell 12.The Frail 13.The Good Soldier 14.Wish 15.Only 16.Capital G 17.Suck 18.Hurt 19.The Hand That Feeds

No Head Like A Hole, Terrible Lie, Closer or The Wreched but Capital G for the first time. And during Hurt some guy yelled at Trent halfway through, thus stopping Hurt.

I only did this because I would have gone but I'm to young.

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