2007/05/13 Melbourne, Australia

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The May 13th, 2007, show took place in Melbourne, Australia at the Metro as part of the Performance 2007 tour. Serena Maneesh was the supporting act.


This show marked the first live performance of "Capital G."


After failing to set up Trent Reznor's computer/keyboard:

"We had something cool for you too. I guess that's what you get for making music with computers. Let's see what
else we can do."

In the intro to "Only," Reznor's guitar wasn't working properly:

"We're gonna play a version called the 'Broken Guitar Remix.' We're gonna just keep playing 'till my fucking guitar
starts to work. Could be a couple seconds, could be a couple hours… looks like it's gonna be a couple hours."

Then, while singing "Hurt," hecklers were interrupting the song. Reznor then said:

"You know what, what did you say? I'm just wondering, am I suppose to pretend I can't hear some asshole yelling at
me through the whole song? You got something to say? Huh? You're unbelievable!"



  1. "Somewhat Damaged"
  2. "You Know What You Are?"
  3. "Sin"
  4. "March Of The Pigs"
  5. "Piggy"
  6. "The Beginning Of The End"
  7. "Survivalism"
  8. "Ruiner"
  9. "Burn"
  10. "Gave Up"
  11. "Help Me I Am In Hell"
  12. "The Frail"
  13. "The Good Soldier"
  14. "Wish"
  15. "Only"***
  16. "Capital G"
  17. "Suck"
  18. "Hurt"
  19. "The Hand That Feeds"


Three complete audio bootlegs are known to exist of this show:

  1. "Nine Inch Nails - 2007.05.13 - The Metro, Melbourne, VIC, AUST" taped by KingBean
  2. "Nine Inch Nails - 2007.05.13 Metro Nightclub, Melbourne, Australia" taped by monkeyguy
  3. "NIN- Metro 13th May 2007. EYB version" taped by Eatyourblud

In addition, a complete audience video recording was released as a PAL DVD, apparently by a Jimmy McJizz (jmj).

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