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Differences in Artwork

Are you sure that those aren't the same pictures? I don't have time to compare them for sure right now, but they look like they're from the same photo to me. Also, should Theme (under Analysis) possibly be moved to the talk page? I'm not sure. Tocz 18:49, 9 March 2008 (PDT)


The song features a recurring sound similar to that of an insect-like creature, possibly that of a cockroach. Considering that the cockroach would be the last surviving creature of a nuclear apocalypse, the song fits well with the post-apocalyptic dystopia theme explored in Year Zero --(User:Leo3375)

Referring to: Theme

I beg to differ as to what the sounds are in the song. I hear crickets, and frogs, which is something you'd hear near a lake in the woods, especially at night. Also, this song and "Lights In The Sky" give me the same impression.

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