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this song goes well right before the song "Lights in the Sky". similar ambiance and theme (i.e. drowning). "Lights" seems to be Trent's response to "A Drowning".

Unless Q, Trent, or HTDA confirm it, this shouldn't be mentioned in the article.--leo3375 21:43, 5 May 2010 (PDT)
Just heard this for the 1st time and I got exactly that feeling.... it really is like a sister song to Lights. !Honestmistake
It's written by Mariqueen and composed by Trent, lyrically it isn't the continuation of anything, and musically - well, that's comparing slow TR music to slow TR music, I can't really see a comparison. sheepdean Try to speak as clearly as you can 11:38, 11 May 2010 (PDT)


Someone at asked Q via Facebook why the vocals are so quiet and then posted her response verbatim. Think we should mention it in the article? --leo3375 22:14, 6 May 2010 (PDT)

It's here but she's deleting the account soon. Quoted:
Q, the music to A Drowning is beautiful, and so are the vocals, but I feel the vocals were in a safe place. I was
expecting you to bust out towards the end with all the violence and panic that a real drowning would entail. You
made a drowning sound so peaceful. However, you are doing well, and it is still a song that I will listen to." 
Q: "actually ... i sang like a broken woman. when i am really in a sad place i become very quiet, never violent...
so for me, personally, i felt like i sang true to the song's emotions. how could i not? i wrote it. even when you are
in a violent state of drowning no one hears you 'scream' because youre underwater and by then you lose all oxygen and power and cant
make a sound. right?"
Personally, I would add to the new HTDA questions article, although it wasn't part of the set - it's saved here now, so we can discuss without fear of it vanishing at any rate. sheepdean Try to speak as clearly as you can 23:47, 6 May 2010 (PDT)
Screencap please and we can make a section on the questions page for other areas etc... plus it may work on this page under notes as we have TR's notes listed on some songs. -Malechite 07:47, 7 May 2010 (PDT)
Not sure how I should edit it (leave in real names etc), so this is an unadulterated version, edit and upload to how you see fit? sheepdean Try to speak as clearly as you can 09:22, 7 May 2010 (PDT)
Someone could message the girl on Facebook asking for permission? You usually don't need to have the person added as a 'Friend' to send a private message. She's clearly a NIN/HTDA fan so probably wouldn't mind her name being shown... N0N_3NT1TY N0N_3NT1TY 14:17, 8 May 2010 (GMT)

Main Page

I noticed that this single/sigil doesn't have am image/link on the main page under the HTDA discography header thingamabob ;p AIRNIN 15:54, 11 March 2011 (PST)


I don't know if counts, but I found someone remixed A Drowning with In Motion

It doesn't really count I'm afraid, we only count "official remixes", that is ones put out by Trent, TVT, Nothing, Interscope, Null Corporation or otherwise indicated to be official. Thanks though, and if you sign your posts with four tildes (~~~~), then it's easier to see who posted what in the talk sections :) sheepdean Try to speak as clearly as you can 13:42, 1 December 2011 (UTC)
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