That's What I Get

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"That's What I Get"
Album: Pretty Hate Machine
Length: 4:30
Tempo: 112 BPM
Versions: That's What I Get
That's What I Get (Purest Feeling)
Live: Pretty Hate Machine Tour

"That's What I Get" is the eighth track on the 1989 release Pretty Hate Machine. Trent Reznor has stated that the song was not originally intended to the be on the album, but was rather meant for b-side material, due to not fitting in lyrically with the rest of the songs.[1]

The song is notable for its instantly recognizable "hammer" synth bassline, similar to the one used in "Kinda I Want To." The song also references "Down In It" in its use of the same recognizable melodic synth voice.

Song Credits

  • Production: John Fryer
  • Engineering: John Fryer
  • Mix: John Fryer



  • Pretty Hate Machine



That's What I Get

This is the original album version, notable for its use of steel drum synth in the bassline that begins the song. The song itself is minimal in its construction, relying on atmospheric keyboard pads for its harmony and Reznor's singing for the lead melodies until the reappearance of the synth voice from "Down In It" in the latter half of the song. Percussion, present throughout much of the track, is used less obviously compared to the rest of the record: a prominent beat doesn't enter the track until the second half, the first relying on the movement of the bass track and quieter percussion loops.

That's What I Get (Demo)

Taking a very different tone from its final version, the song is much less synthetic, with what at least sound like live drums and a synthetic saxophone backing, with the synthetic melody of the song being much more apparent. There is also a synth solo after the bridge verse that wasn't included in the final and some sampling that was omitted as well. The song also includes an extended, panning intro and extra lyrics and improvisation by Reznor towards the end of the song.


"That's What I Get" is a retired live song. It was performed closely to the original version.


    Just when everything was making sense
    You took away all my self-confidence
    Now all that I've been hearing must be true
    I guess I'm not the only boy for you
    That's what I get
    How could you turn us into this
    After you just taught me how to kiss you?
    I told you I'd never say goodbye
    Now I'm slipping on the tears you made me cry
    That's what I get
    Why does it come as a surprise?
    To think that I was so naïve
    Maybe didn't mean so much
    But it meant everything to me

The second last line of the song actually says "that much" instead of "so much".

In its demo form, the lyrics are extended to say: "That's what I get (for trusting you)".

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